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Behind Closed Doors is here to offer you and your workplace the opportunity to develop your awareness of what domestic violence and abuse is, and how to support any individual struggling with the reality of living in an abusive relationship.

Domestic violence and abuse affects people across Leeds at home and in the workplace.

75% of those experiencing domestic violence and abuse are targeted at work and it is often possible for perpetrators to use workplace resources such as phones, email and other means to threaten, harass or abuse their current or former partner/family member. (Corporate Alliance)

It is estimated it costs employers over £7,000 per individual through loss of productivity and output due to the impact of domestic violence and abuse. Total costs to the economy are estimated at around £14 billion. (Oliver et al 2019)

30% of domestic homicides occur on workplace grounds. (ACPO 2014)

Behind Closed Doors has supported service users such as Midwives, Mental Health Professionals, Cleaners, HR Professionals, Sales Executives, Consultants, GP’s, Police Officers, Solicitors, Teachers, Shop Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Waitresses, to name but a few.

The statistics speak for themselves. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience some form of domestic violence and abuse in their lifetime (SafeLives), which means it is likely that your workplace will have staff that have experienced or are experiencing it right now.

A person may not know that what is happening to them is actually abusive; they may live in fear of anyone finding out; they may be conditioned to believe it is their fault; or they may not know how to ask for help, especially in the workplace.

What we offer

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A comprehensive understanding of what domestic violence and abuse is, how it could be affecting your workplace and more importantly how you can support your employees.

An overview of what domestic violence and abuse is and how to spot the signs and support colleagues.

Want to know more?

Each workplace package is tailored to the needs and expectations of your organisation and its employees.

Prices vary accordingly. A definitive proposal is created after initial consultation.

Behind Closed Doors is a charity. Therefore by helping your workplace become more productive; any profit we make goes back into the charity to deliver exceptional services for our service users.

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