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Our vision, mission and values

Cover your tracks

You may not want other people to know that you’ve been searching for information or help from websites such as Behind Closed Doors.

Our vision

To build lives free from domestic abuse

OUR mission

Domestic abuse is always unacceptable, we support people affected by it and act to prevent it

Our values


we see the possibility in the lives of everyone we support and in the lives of those they love


we dare to act because sometimes it takes our courage to help others find theirs


we understand there are challenges and risks and we’ll work them out together


we work as one with our service-users and with everyone who can help us deliver the best outcomes


we are always there for our service-users and we are ever present in the fight against domestic abuse


we believe our service-users, we take a holistic approach focusing on every person as a whole and taking into consideration external factors