Alison’s Story

Alison lived in a controlling, manipulative and abusive relationship for 14 years, knowing something wasn’t right, but not knowing how to get out of it. When things got so bad they were impacting on her health, Alison visited her GP, who gave her information about Behind Closed Doors.

Alison had found the support she needed. She was reassured by how easy it was to make contact and how she felt it sounded like everyone believed and understood her. Her first phone call to us was the first time she had felt like she could release all her emotions, take off her ‘Mary Poppins’ mask and feel like it was ok not to be ok. 

Over time Alison found there were things she hadn’t told her closest friends that she felt comfortable talking to her worker about. For Alison, the PARS enabled her to rationalise all of the behaviour from her ex and analyse her own reactions, so that she was better able to control them in the future.

The work we did with Alison also helped her support her children and understand the situation from their perspective, through giving her tools to help create an open safe environment for them to express their emotions. She was also helped to access support from her local Children’s Centre. We also helped Alison understand that incidents of domestic violence and abuse can be reported as crimes, and with our support she was able to report her experiences to the police. This resulted in a court order to protect her and her children.

Although some days can still be tough, Alison and her children are now and much happier. The children are thriving at school and Alison has been able to reach some personal life goals and a promotion at work; all of which she credits to the support she received from the PARS.

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