Kate’s Story

Kate made a referral to our Prevention and Recovery Service (PARS) after she realised that her 7 year relationship had been mentally and physically abusive, and she needed help to overcome the impact it had had on her.

As Kate’s relationship began to breakdown her partner ended things, which left Kate with a bittersweet mixture of heartbreak and relief, because despite everything she’d been through, she loved him.

To Kate’s surprise the next thing she knew was he was trying to get the relationship back on track, sending cards and flowers and messages of undying love. She remained sure that it was right for the relationship to be over, which only served to infuriate her ex.  

Very quickly, the tone of his contact started to change as the messages became more insulting and persistent, with over 225 in just one day. This left Kate feeling anxious and unsure of how to handle the situation. Things came to head when he turned up at her workplace. This resulted in a phone call to the police, an arrest, harassment charge and restraining order.

After the police did, what Kate describes as a fantastic job, she knew she needed help to recover and move on from her experiences. That’s when she found the courage to call our PARS. After receiving phone support for several weeks while she waited for face to face visits, Kate was overwhelmed by the fact we came to her, as she was too scared to leave the house for fear of bumping into her ex. 

The work we did with Kate helped her understand that she was not to blame and she had done nothing wrong. We helped her understand the cycle of abuse and how to recognise the early warning signs of an abusive relationship.

Eventually Kate started to move forward, learning techniques to help her cope and stay safe. As time went on, as her heartache healed and as her recovery progressed, she talked with her worker about moving on with her life and not living in fear.

Now Kate is in a new relationship. She is no longer living in fear and she is much happier, all thanks to the work of our PARS.  

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