Ali’s Story

Ali was referred to the Leeds Domestic Violence Service Community Team in March 2017 due to the escalating risk from her ex-partner. Ali had been in three abusive relationships and had three children all under the age of five years.

At the time she was referred, Ali was living very close to her ex-partner. She sought to distance herself from him, but in doing so she also moved away from the people who could support her.

Ali now found herself isolated and living in fear of her ex. He would often get into her house, steal personal items; and hide in the house. One night she even awoke to find him standing at the end of her bed!

As a result of this we supported her to seek legal advice and obtain a Non-Molestation Order, to protect her from any further incidents like this. We supported her with the school run, obtaining car seats and offering child care so that she was able to attend solicitor appointments and court appearances. Without the Community Team providing this level of service it was unlikely Ali would have been able to pursue legal action, as she had no one else to support her.

During our support it become clear Ali needed extra help with the children, so we were able to make a referral to Children’s Social Work Service. This resulted in an Early Help Plan being put in place to enable Ali to be the best mum she could be.

Despite the abuse Ali continued to struggle to leave her past relationship behind. This is often the case for many people who experience domestic violence and abuse at the hands of someone they love. 

Her situation remained chaotic and eventually Ali felt that moving again was her only option. Our Community Team supported her with re-settlement, welfare rights, and various other funds to support the move. This meant that she was able to return to an area where she had a good support network.

In addition to supporting her move house we were also able to help her change her GP and Dental Practice. As our support ended, referrals were made to Women’s Counselling and Therapy Services for counselling and Women’s Lives Leeds for ongoing ‘complex needs’ support.

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