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At Behind Closed Doors, we are here to help you cope, recover and move on from your experiences of domestic abuse.

Cover your tracks

You may not want other people to know that you’ve been searching for information or help from websites such as Behind Closed Doors.

Our domestic abuse support services are available to anyone who has experienced domestic abuse, regardless of gender, age, race or sexual orientation.

We offer individual programmes of support tailored to each family or each person’s need. We provide confidential information, offer practical help and support your recovery.

Prevention Practical support Recovery

Community Domestic Violence Team

part of Leeds Domestic Violence Service

Our Community Domestic Violence team is here to help you if you are at high risk of harm from your violent and abusive relationship, by providing practical support on things such as safety planning, housing, benefits and budgeting, health and social care and community engagement. We do this through face to face sessions in the community in a safe location.

The aim of the team is to reduce your risk of harm from domestic violence and abuse and improve your overall safety and well being through a service user-focused approach.

We can accompany you to solicitor’s appointments and attend the Family Courts with you. We can liaise with agencies on your behalf to ensure that you receive specialist support in areas such as drug and alcohol dependency, mental health and children’s education and well being, where relevant.

Our team is also able to make referrals to refuges across the country and temporary emergency accommodation, where available.

The service is delivered by a team of highly trained and experienced paid workers.

To access support or find out more call the 24/7 Helpline on 0113 246 0401.

Click here for our service information leaflet

and Recovery Service

Our Prevention and Recovery Service (PARS) provides emotional support for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

We offer:

  • A comprehensive referral process to both professionals and individuals
  • Structured phone support
  • Tailored one to one support
  • We offer an information and enquiry service during office hours
  • We can help you to make sense of your experience, recover and move on positively

PARS offers a non-crisis-response programme of emotional support to those affected by domestic violence and abuse, who are at low risk of Domestic Violence and Abuse. The programme of support is one to one support and also the opportunity to attend small group workshops. The workshops are only attended by people that have accessed our one to one sessions.

It’s most likely you will have left your abusive relationship, but we can also help if you want to understand if your relationship is abusive, empowering you to make positive choices about your future.


We do not provide:

  • Practical support
  • Crisis support
  • A helpline service
  • A mental health service

All new referrals are placed on a waiting list, where you can choose to either receive a regular structured phone support call, or simply wait until one to one support is available. The typical wait time for this is around 3-4 months.

Our PARS is delivered by a team of highly trained and experienced paid workers and volunteers, who are all trained to the same standards.


We can help in the following ways

For service users out of the abusive relationship we will:

  • Support people to understand what DV&A is
  • Support people to understand their experiences of DV&A
  • Support people to identify the impact on them and their families if appropriate
  • Support people to recover from the impact of the relationship
  • Signpost for additional support services
  • Offer Family sessions to support the emotional reconnection if appropriate
  • Offer group workshops once they have completed one to one sessions

For service users still in the relationship we will:

  • Support people to understand what DV&A is
  • Support people to understand their experiences
  • Signpost for additional support services
  • Support people with Safety planning


Please note our office hours:
Monday-Thursday 9-4pm
Friday 9-3pm

You can make a self-referral enquiry online and one of our workers will call you back. We will discuss the service and make sure that it is right for you. If it is right for you, then we will book an appointment to take a full referral from you. If it is not the right service then we can signpost you to another service for the correct support.

If you are an agency you can make a referral for someone with their consent. If you have any queries please call us before making the referral.

To make an agency or self-referral enquiry please click here.

Click here for our service information leaflet.