Leeds RAG Fundraising

With financial support from grants and funders becoming increasingly precarious, community support is vital to continuing to provide our Prevention and Recovery Service to those who need us. Our Prevention and Recovery Service provides people who are or have been affected by domestic violence and abuse with emotional support to help them to understand their experiences and to empower them to recover. 

We are incredibly grateful to Leeds RAG, a non-profit student based charity within the University of Leeds, for choosing to support Behind Closed Doors this year. Leeds RAG have raised money in support of Behind Closed Doors through events such as the Leeds RAG hosted Take Me Out, a night of fun, fundraising and F(ruity)nando’s. 

As part of our partnership with Leeds RAG, Behind Closed Doors hosted seminars at Leeds University on “How to live your best life through your relationship”. The seminars raised awareness about domestic violence and abuse and provided information on how to be in a safe relationship, look out for red flags and deal with a past traumatic relationship. 

A huge thank you to everyone at Leeds RAG who made this happen. 

With ongoing support in our community we are better equipped to help survivors of domestic violence and abuse and their families. 

“My worker helped me admit and start to finally understand the abuse I had suffered for 11 years, giving me the tools to identify the cycle of abuse so that I could predict future behaviours of my ex.” Service user who accessed support from Behind Closed Doors. 

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