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Why we need your help

This is an urgent appeal to support domestic abuse charity, Behind Closed Doors, to #EmpowerSurvivors. The COVID-19 outbreak means we are living in unprecedented times. Nationally we are seeing a dramatic rise in domestic abuse levels as people face being trapped in isolation with abusive partners. At the same time, our current funding stream has been affected.  We need your help to provide essential support for vulnerable women, men and children who are affected daily by domestic violence and abuse.

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The nation has seen a surge in domestic violence since the start of the lockdown. The pressure continues to rise as individuals are trapped at home with a violent and abusive partner. We also know that reports across the national and local media can have a profound impact on survivors of domestic abuse who are no longer in the relationship.

We recognise the trauma from an abusive relationship does not end once you are out of the relationship. Survivors of domestic violence and abuse often continue to face the ongoing and challenging effects of the abuse after the relationship is over. Domestic violence and abuse can affect individuals in a number of ways; it can damage a person’s mental health and self-esteem, which in turn can affect their family and friends.

During this challenging time, our Prevention and Recovery Service (PARS) must continue to provide survivors with a unique and tailored programme of support. We support women, men and children who have been affected by domestic violence and abuse, helping them to build healthy relationships and stay safe. We also work with service users’ families to reconnect their relationships, helping to rebuild and improve communication.  Your donations will provide essential support for our charity, making sure that our support workers can continue to empower survivors and support them to rebuild their lives.

“My worker helped me admit and start to finally understand the abuse I had suffered for 11 years, giving me the tools to identify the cycle of abuse so that I could predict future behaviours of my ex”.

About the charity

Behind Closed Doors supports women, men and children in Leeds and the surrounding areas, whose lives are affected by domestic violence and abuse.

Our Prevention and Recovery Service (PARS) provides a unique programme of emotional support to survivors of domestic violence and abuse. We recognise that the trauma from an abusive relationship doesn’t end once you are out of the relationship. We empower individuals to recover and move on positively from their experiences.  Our work helps individuals to understand their experiences, to explore the abusive relationship and the impact it’s had. To rebuild their self-confidence and self-esteem. To understand healthy relationships and how to keep yourself safe.

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