Five Ways to Feeling Good

When I work with service users who refer into the Prevention and Recovery Service (PARS) I look at their unique situation and needs and begin to plan the support I can provide them. The final phase of this support plan is about recovery and how I can support them to reconnect with themselves. 

One of the tools I use is Five Ways to Feeling Good. You can use this tool to build goals into your life that have a positive impact. This is a great tool to use when life is feeling difficult or when you want to keep your recovery on track. I talk through each of the 5 elements and ask the service user to think of a goal or goals for each one. 

Connect – feeling connection to other people is a fundamental human need and one that contributes to us functioning well in the world. 

‘Connection is why we’re here; it’s what gives us purpose and meaning to our lives’ Brene Brown 

Be active – regular physical activity enhances positive wellbeing and can also improve sleep quality, lift self-esteem, improve your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. Physical activity doesn’t have to be running marathons, you can dance, garden, walk… 

Take notice – take a couple of minutes each day to ‘take notice’ of what is going on around you.  Being aware of what is taking place in the present directly improves your wellbeing and savouring ‘the moment’ can help to strengthen your life priorities. 

Learn – continuing to learn as an adult improves self-esteem and encourages better connection with people. Having the opportunity to engage in volunteering or educational activities helps to lift depression. Learning a new skill can also give you a sense of achievement. Think about learning in the broadest sense, there are lots of ways to keep learning. 

It’s good to give – giving is good, it is good for others, our community and the person doing the good deed too. People who help others regularly are more likely to rate themselves as being happy. Giving can also help us to feel connected to those around us, help us to keep things in perspective and feel that we belong in our community. You don’t have to dedicate hours to volunteering (unless you want to) – remember the power of a simple ‘Thank you’. 

Remember to be kind to yourself, it is better to achieve the goals you have chosen than to overcommit yourself. Small steps over none. 

Example of how you might use the Five Ways to Feeling Good Plan: 

Connect Telephone my friend instead of using messenger – by end of the week 
Join Behind Closed Doors Facebook – by Tuesday 
Be Active Try a YouTube workout – by Wednesday 
Get at least 10 mins fresh air a day – by end of the week 
Take Notice   Think about the sense of sight – try to notice something new every day and how it makes me feel – by tomorrow 
Ask a friend or family member how they are feeling – by today 
Learn    Start to read a book – by end of the week 
Cook a new recipe from my cookbook – by end of the week 
It’s Good to Give    Support a charity of your choice – maybe look at the Behind Closed Doors campaign………every £1 helps…….. – by end of the week 
Say good morning to someone while out walking or shopping – by today 

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