Providing support to people whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse

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“Since completing my training at Behind Closed Doors I have worked long-term with 10 clients.  I very quickly realised that each client is unique and that domestic abuse can affect anyone regardless of their economic status, class, cultural background or family history; this was something that I had not realised before and the comprehension of this really fuelled my passion for wanting to help these vulnerable women.  I love helping clients to develop their independent daily living skills following their individual support plans and take great satisfaction in seeing them flourish with the support and care that they may have not been fortunate enough to have experienced previously.”

“I would like to say that I have learned so much at PARS in such a short period of time. The training delivered was so easy to follow and yet effective enough to understand the impact of Domestic Abuse as well as the different forms of abuse. Through this opportunity, I have been able to pursue an ambition of mine to make a positive change for those that have experienced Domestic Abuse. If there is ever a moment that I am unsure about anything, yourself,  J*****  and the rest of the team are there to guide and advise us making it easier for us to continue learning and to move forward.”

“I have had many years' experience working in Social Care but find volunteering with BCD one of the most rewarding roles that I have ever done.  I feel valued by both the clients and the team who are very supportive.”

"Having successfully completed my training in May 2013, I have actively been volunteering now for almost a year. I see this opportunity as very rewarding and feel immensely honoured to be part of such a fantastic organisation. Whilst also studying for a degree I feel my role goes hand in hand with my studies and I have found I have been able to put theory into practise which for me personally has particularly helped on an academic level.  Right from day one I have being made to feel valued and have received continued support and offered numerous opportunities to expand my knowledge and learning which I am truly thankful for. I can genuinely say that I enjoy every minute of volunteering and it has impacted on my life in such a positive way and has allowed me to gain fantastic experience whilst working amongst a professional, friendly and fun team. I cannot thank the organisation enough for making me feel so welcome and genuinely accepted as part of the team."

And what our clients say about the support they received

"I now feel better in myself than I did even before I was with him.  I no longer get upset about it, I have my friends back and enjoy going out, my confidence is really high and I am no longer scared about new situations.  I am also confident that I won't get into another abusive relationship and I am no longer vulnerable.  The support has been fantastic and I feel ready now to get on with my life!"

"I feel now that I would never put up with being treated like that ever again by anyone.  I don't tolerate unacceptable behaviour from anyone.  I have enjoyed the personal one-to-one support and I am so glad I took the offer of help.  I want to take everything I have learned to a new and improved future."

"I have moved on with my life so much.  I have just done a landscaping course and loved it and done a parenting course, hoping to be able to get back to work very soon now that my confidence is back!  Fantastic service, just being listened to properly meant I could be open and honest and so glad I met you."

"I am moving forward now and not letting him control my life or my family. I am very pleased to work with my Supporter; she has been very helpful for me and my family. She is a good person with a beautiful heart.  It shows nationality doesn't make a difference; it's the person offering the support that is important."

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