Providing support to people whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse

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Behind Closed Doors has a dedicated and professional team who will aim to assist anyone who is, or has, suffered from domestic abuse.

Our Vision:

All women, men and children have the right to live safely, free from fear and harm. We will provide high quality, accessible services, tailored to meet the needs of all individuals, whose lives are affected by domestic violence.

Our Mission:

To support women, men and children in the Metropolitan District of Leeds, whose lives are affected by domestic abuse. To offer community based outreach services, providing practical and emotional support, advocacy and information. To empower individuals to make informed choices about their lives, that will have a positive immediate and future impact.

Our Values:

In all our work we strive to be Committed; Professional; Dependable; Realistic; Inclusive; Client focussed and Caring. We want all our service users and stakeholders to experience a quality service, delivered with commitment and professionalism in a caring way. We want to make the maximum impact with the money we receive and always strive to deliver services in a cost effective way, reviewing everything we do, improving and developing.


Behind Closed Doors was established in 1997 in North West Leeds and now supports women and men across the Leeds district who have, or are, experiencing domestic abuse.

We have an Outreach team which works within the Leeds Domestic Violence Service, supporting people assessed as being at medium/high risk and/or needing help with significant practical issues like housing and civil legal proceedings.

Our Prevention and Recovery Service (PARS) is volunteer-led and works to support people at lower levels of risk who require more emotional support and information to make sense of their experience, heal and move on positively.

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