In the space of you reading this the West Yorkshire Police will have had a call for a domestic violence incident: they receive 6 every hour.


Abuse victims often feel isolated and uncomfortable talking about their experiences because of the social stigma around domestic abuse. By fundraising for Behind Closed Doors, you will not only be financially supporting our Prevention and Recovery Service so they can continue to provide vital emotional and psychological support. You will also be showing solidarity with anyone who has experienced abuse; you will be making it clear that abuse victims require your support.


We have put together a Fundraising Pack to help you get started with your fundraiser. In here you will find information on how to put on a successful fundraiser, the ways that we can help you and how to make your donation once you have finished fundraising.


If you are planning to fundraise for us, please inform our Community Fundraiser and Relationship Manager, Grace, by emailing her at Alternatively you can give her a call on 07944339518. She is experienced with putting on fundraisers, and will be more than happy to help you out any way she can.



Providing support to people in the Leeds District whose lives have been affected by Domestic Violence and Abuse

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